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For everybody who would like to create more compassion and cooperation in their families or work with children
Go to Basic: Communication with Compassion

Basic: Communication with Compassion

In this course you will experience how easily ‘violence’ can slip into our daily conversations and what effect compassion can have on our communication. You will also experience how hard it is to observe without evaluating. And how clarifying and healing it can be to focus on what others and yourself are feeling and needing. You will also learn how to formulate clear requests that inspire understanding and cooperation.

Go to Basic: Unconditional Parenting

Basic: Unconditional Parenting

After this course you will be able to apply the Nonviolent Communication model in challenging situations with your children. You will have experienced how you can put the needs of your child first without forgetting your own boundaries. And you will have practised asking for what you need withgout using force, guilt, fear or shame. You will also have learned how to stay present through difficult emotions with respect and compassion for your child.

Go to Intermediate: Empathy and Self Compassion

Intermediate: Empathy and Self Compassion

After this course you will be able to react more compassionately towards yourself, keep your inner peace when emotions run high and you will have more skills to handle triggers. You will be able to feel how much space you have for the other person and state your boundaries without causing hurt. You will learn how to take responsibility for your own feelings and needs. You will also practice the art of making requests that lead to more understanding and connection.

Go to Advanced: Compassion in Conflicts

Advanced: Compassion in Conflicts

In this course you will learn how to use the Nonviolent Communication model during conflicts with your family, friends and others. You will also learn how to take the perspective of the other person more easily. And you will practice authentic dialogue (smoothly alternating honest expression with empathic listening) while staying connected with yourself. So that you can move from (seemingly) conflicting interests to solutions that work for everyone.

• Are you curious to know what Nonviolent Communication is all about?
• Would you like to experience the atmosphere because you are considering participating in a course?
• Are you thinking that compassion is mostly something for crazy hippies?

Why not come to one of the free introduction workshops to experience Communication with Compassion for yourself?

The mission

of ZAYMA - Communication with Compassion
On the road from emotional slavery to emotional freedom

I have a dream. I dream of a world full of Gandhi's, Mandela's and Dalai Lama's. And I think this dream can come true if more people can learn a language of respectful connection and compassion: Nonviolent Communication.

It is not easy to learn a completely new language. I will probably always speak it with an accent. But my children will certainly be more fluent than I am. And for my grandchildren, hopefully it will be like their mother tongue. I see what I do as throwing a little pebble into the ocean, in hopes that the ripple effect will ultimately result in big waves.

It is my mission to help parents and professional caretakers develop personal leadership skills. So that they can increasingly become less reactive and make more conscious choices in their daily interactions with children. I'm hoping to achieve this by offering Training Courses, Workshops, Private Sessions and a Practice Group.

  • Learning, practicing and experiencing together in a small group

  • Interactive and inspiring sessions for larger groups

  • Personal coaching, empathy sessions and mediation

  • Free practice group sessions for practitioners

Our Team

The people running ZAYMA - Communication with Compassion

Astara Lieuw-On

Trainer, coach, mediator
Dedicated to helping you improve your relationships and specifically help parents move beyond reactiveness and connect with children with trust and respect. And to teach you how to stay in compassion with yourself during the learning process.

Pepijn Koenders

Supervising all the financial and administrative matters of Zayma with much precision and overview. Making him a tremendous support. He gives me space and rest so that I can focus on developing and facilitating courses and workshops.

Thibo Koenders

Made me a mother for the first time and inspired me to look for ways to create more love, flow and synergy in my parenting and family life. Which led to my discovery of Nonviolent Communication and forever changed the course of my life.

Bence Koenders

My daily reminder of my passion to do the inner work to walk toward living the sort of parenthood of my values. Motivates me to stay rooted in nonviolence by immediately mirroring whenever I react in less than authentic ways.


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